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Universal Studios Orlando Has A New Harry Potter Package With A Back To Hogwarts Tie-In 5

It’s September 1, that wonderful day in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter when students would pack up, head to Platform 9 ¾ and encounter the Hogwarts Express, maybe for the first time. Fans at Universal Studios Orlando have been able to experience this sort of magic for a while, but now the theme park has kicked off a new vacation package with a great Harry Potter tie-in.

Recently, we learned Universal Studios Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be relaunching a previous Potter vacation package, but this time with a few additions. These keepsake additions include a photo opp in the park, early admission to the parks, a breakfast at The Leaky Cauldron and a special box filled with stuff, and that’s where the tie-in to Harry Potter comes in.

Prior to attending Hogwarts, all brand new witches and wizards get a special welcome letter, just like Harry Potter did in his cupboard under the stairs, so long ago. Those who decide to head to Universal Studios via this new themed vacation package will also get a welcome letter in the mail, like Harry Potter, although it sadly will not be delivered by owl post.

Other extras include luggage tags and lanyards that also come through the mail ahead of your trip. The package is currently available and will remain available for bookings through December 9, 2020. Related to the timing of this package, a new projection show, called Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle, is expected to premiere at Universal Studios Orlando sometime this fall. (The show has already debuted in California and uses drones to accomplish its cool show.)

Given today is #BacktoHogwarts day, there’s honestly no better time for this sort of package to come around. Harry Potter fans everywhere countdown the days to September 1st each year. It’s a big day in the Harry Potter fandom and Universal Studios is smart to tie in a new vacation package just as the big date (not to mention some holidays) are coming around.

Back to Hogwarts day is likely a big one for Universal Studios Orlando, and the theme park isn’t above making the return to Hogwarts a very special time of year for the parks.

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What’s one thing Gryffindors, Slytherins, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs all have in common? They’re all ready to go ! Put on your house robes & scarves and join us at the Park!

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Although, I’m assuming King’s Cross Station is even more of a zoo on a day like today given the stuff we’re seeing related to Back to Hogwarts day.

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Cast members from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child perform as fans gather to watch as the Hogwarts Express appears on the departure board at London King’s Cross during Back to Hogwarts Day.

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Still, given many Harry Potter fans don’t live in the U.K., this vacation package might be the route to go, given its early admission and more to the parks. Just make sure your kids know this sort of letter doesn’t have to come on anyone’s 11th birthday. That, after all, has even been confused by J.K Rowling herself.


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