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There are four amazing Disney parks in Orlando areaLet’s talk a little bit about these amazing theme parks:

Magic Kingdom is the original park and the one that most introduces you to the “Disney Magic”. The main attractions of this park are Space Mountain , The Haunted Mansion , and Splash Mountain.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is located in Orlando under the name of Walt Disney Hollywood Studios. The park combines the best attractions with some really amazing shows. The most important shows are “Lights, Motors, Action!” , Indiana Jones and above all, Fantasmic (Disney’s most famous show).

Disney Park Tickets

Animal Kingdom is a mix of zoo and theme park . Although for most people it is the least surprising park, we must say that we like it a lot. You should not miss attractions such as Kilimanjaro Safaris , Expedition Everest or Dinosaur. The Flights of Wonder and Festival of the Lion King shows are also essential.

Epcot is a more modern air based on new technologies, tries to raise awareness about the environment . With the exception of the World Showroom (a large thematic section of different countries that occupies half of the park and, in turn, its greatest attraction), it can be said that the park is quite ugly.

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